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We designed support for approximately 24,000 square feet of solar panels, providing over 400 KW of power over the top level of two garages bordering the Trenton train station. The Trenton Park & Ride facility is shown here.  

We designed the structural steel frame and connections to the existing precast concrete garage members. Because the panels were placed close together in a flat, 10 degree slope, the system was design for the snow load that might accumulate as well as the high uplift wind loads the code demands for open structures.  Rod bracing in the plane of the roof combined with diagonal bracing to various garage concrete elements provide global stability to the system. The installation has a service life in excess of twenty years, so all elements were hot-dipped galvanized.  

Note that a mid-height maintenance walkway was provided to permit convenient washing of the panels to ensure they operate at optimum efficiency.  

A link to the Owner’s website is here: