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Additions and renovations to Johanna Foods Inc., Flemington, New Jersey. We have been involved in several projects as Johanna Foods expands its product line and upgrades its facility. Among those projects is the Yogurt Receiving Addition, which consisted of a warehouse addition with two production corridors, numerous tank silos and two large rooftop equipment platforms replete with four-sided personnel access. Among the challenges was providing new large openings through existing precast concrete, wall bearing panels on the neighboring building. The roof consisted of long-span plank, so the wall panels supported a high dead load. We were able to provide a scheme for re-supporting the wall panels without the added step of shoring resulting in an economical and readily constructible solution. It was imperative that all production area surfaces remain clean without hidden nooks that would be difficult to clean and the solution was to design the roof framing out of stainless steel tubular structural shapes overlain by a flat, stainless steel clad insulated panel. A unique and ultimately successful answer.   Other projects we have participated in at Johanna Foods include a 34,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse addition and reconstruction of two loading/unloading buildings.