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Unique roof truss designs were provided for the D’Angola Gymnasium Addition to Kean University constructed in 2004. The trusses spanned 120 feet with sloping bottom chord and an unusual top chord design that reflected an architecturally unique roof profile. About two-thirds of the top chord sloped uniformly with the back third of the span was curved. Trusses supported 3,600 to 7,200 square feet of roof.

Based on the profile and loading requirements provided by the Engineer Of Record to our client, Cherry Steel Corporation, we designed the trusses utilizing a Pratt style truss which forces most diagonal web members to act in tension. By forcing the longest web members to be tension members and the shortest members (verticals) to be the compression members, greatest material efficiency is obtained.

Due to the span and loading requirements, we specified wide flange chord members (W12X40 to W12X 65) and designed gusset plates to connect to the diagonals and verticals. For shipping purposes the trusses were spliced at a convenient location toward the middle of the span. The splice was made with a bolted connection, but the remainder of the truss was welded.

Photos of the erected trusses: