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Leonard Busch Associates is a firm of structural engineers in continuous practice since 1957 servicing a wide range of clients in the Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas. We act as structural consultants to building owners, contractors, structural steel fabricators, industrial firms, crane manufacturers, educational institutions, local building departments, architects, sculptors (yes, sculptors), various governmental agencies and to a select few lawyers as experts in construction litigation. Our work often involves the investigation and repair of distressed structures.

We are proud to have been Engineer Of Record on numerous schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, process related structures, crane-bay buildings, historic structures, churches and synagogues, cooler/freezer buildings, underground structures, office buildings, post offices, parking facilities, high and low density housing, shopping centers, automobile showrooms and service centers, warehouses, pre-engineered buildings, prisons, damage limiting structures, monumental sculptures and other specialty structures.

In our work we emphasize economy, completeness and simplicity. We find the key to an economic structure is to minimize material specified, detail each and every change in conditions, and to the KISS philosophy: Keep It Simple Stupid. We strive to eliminate uncertainty and give the contractor the opportunity to confidently develop an accurate and equitable bid.

Many of our clients are relationships that have developed over decades. Some of our best relationships are with the children and grandchildren of our first few clients. Perhaps a long and productive relationship is about to begin with you.